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We have had to cease working on the restoration of Victoria due to the Beam Engine House being closed. We aim to get it open as soon as our asbestos problem is fully resolved.. 


The attached photographs detail the work started prior to the Beam Engine House being closed. Our volunteers were having such fun and can't wait to start working again when the funds are available to remove the asbestos.  


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This is just a snapshot of the amazing work carried out by our dedicated team of hard working volunteers. Come and visit, there is so much to see. 

Beam Engine House and Prince Consort


The attached gives a history of the site and some interesting photographs of the restored 'Prince Consort' and the Beam Engine House.


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Restoration to date

Current projects

Valve House and Small Engines

The eastern section of the valve house has been recently restored and now houses a selection of small engines, some of which were used for pumping and others for driving machinery.

These engines were saved from destruction from a variety of locations and were mostly in a sad state of repair.

Over a period of years the engines have been completely stripped down and restored and we run them on compressed air on steaming days.

We also have small a display of equipment which was used by Thames Water to record tide movements and check for water leaks, a large wooden pattern for casting flywheel sections and some old belt driven lathes.


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Royal Arsenal Narrow Gauge (RANG)


It's not just the Beam Engines that are getting loving attention here at Crossness. We also have a team of enthusiasts dedicated to the restoration of the steam engine 'Woolwich'.


Our little blue friend spent many years at the Woolwich Arsenal shifting gunpowder around the 1,300 acre sight adjacent to the pumping station.


'In the future, the 'Crossness Experience' will begin the second the visitor steps onto the platform, with the sights and smells of the steam train transporting visitors directly to the colossal beam engines next to the Thames'.


That's right, we hope to convey our visitors to the Beam Engine House from the entrance in Belvedere Road in steamy Victorian splendour; travelling in restored and refurbished rolling stock powered by our own narrow gauge engine.


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Next Open Day 

SUNDAY 5th April 2020